About Slamby

Slamby provides language independent document classification solutions with the highest accuracy on a dedicated server that allows companies easily classify and manage their documents.

Slamby was founded in 2011.

Slamby released its first machine learning solution for the e-commerce market in 2014, called Slamby Classifier - the first truly language independent classification engine with high accuracy level.

Slamby became a significant global data processing solution provider, serving clients over 9 countries in 2015.

The ownership structure of Slamby-Semantics Information Technology Limited Company, has changed since 1st February, 2018.
70% of the ownership of Slamby Kft. has been purchased in several stages by Negentropics Artificial Intelligence Kft. The remaining 30% stake is still owned by one of the founders.


Slamby text classification application

The text classification application allows you to automatically categorize new incoming unknown texts according to a pre-designed and trained classification structure.

For the proper functioning of the system, the classification structure must be developed as the first step. The classification can be multi-level, subordinate and superior in any number of classes, or categories may be defined as a completely flat structure and of the same level. After the class structure has been established, for each category a teaching database has to be composed of known content documents of the given class.

During the teaching process, the system processes and analyzes the characteristics of documents in each class, creates index files for these operations and saves them in their databases. After teaching, the documents or texts used are not stored in their original format. Only indexes produced in the text analysis, which cannot be retrieved in any way, are stored (therefore, they do not fall under the scope of GDPR).

After teaching, the system is able to decide on a new, completely unknown text which category of the class structure it will belong to, based on its content.

Areas of Application:

Categorization of documents
(e.g. classification of CVs)

E-mail management with automatic classification

Classification of ads


Frequently asked questions

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  • What is document classification?

    Document classification is one of the biggest deal among companies who own big data. The task is to assign a document to one or more classes or categories manually or automatically. The documents to be classified may be texts, images, music, etc. Slamby offers fully automated text classification in any language as the highest accuracy rate available in the market and as a most common use case, Slamby classifies product database of online stores related to their category database.

  • What is Machine Learning?

    Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data.

  • What is Slamby?

    Slamby provides language independent document classification solutions with the highest accuracy on a dedicated server that allows companies easily classify and manage their documents.

  • What is Slamby Server (API)?

    It is an instant, built-in data processing server. Upload your data and create smart functions to process your data. Category recommendation, keyword extraction, matchmaking, search.

  • What is Slamby Insight?

    Slamby Insight is a free desktop application. You can easily access and manage your Slamby API. The main purpose using Slamby Insight is to increase your productivity of your Slamby server with an easy usage.

  • What is Slamby Twister?

    Slamby Twister is an advanced level text classification technology, built to provide high accurate and language-independent solution specially designed for the e-commerce market. Developed by Slamby.

  • Is it absolutely language-independent? What about Chinese?

    Yes. Slamby Twister can make a perfect category recommendation in all languages providing the same accuracy level as well as in Asian languages such as Chinese, Malay, Thai, or Vietnamese.

  • I have a Classified Ad Site, how can I get benefit from Slamby?

    On your Slamby server, you can store and manage your real-time data, automatize your data management workflows, and get smart insights from your data. By using Slamby services; you can build category recommendation engine, re-categorize your database (in need of re-structuring existing category tree), automize category moderation, detect duplicated products, build similar/related product recommendation engine and so on… Contact our sales team and let us evaluate your business model to inform you how we can empower your business.

  • What is the expected accuracy rate for category recommendation?

    Accuracy rate depends on the quality of the training dataset. You train the Slamby classifier using “training dataset” and quality means how well training data are categorized manually earlier. During the training period, Slamby assumes all the given data are correct excluded some exceptions. Slamby can manage minor mistakes in the training dataset. Shortly for the best data-processing result, the more data you upload, the most accurate results you will have.

  • How can I integrate Slamby?

    No need for special admin site or complicated process! It works as an API, so it can be integrated into the existing processes in a very short time of period. (Slamby support team may assist you.) Available SDKs are PHP, Python, Net C#, Javascript/Node.js, TypeScript.

  • Which server size do I need?

    It depends on the data size you store; service numbers and request numbers. Generally, as more data, you wish to manage as bigger server you need, but it strongly depends on the planned usage, required SLA and response time. As a tip: for start use Slamby with minimum 2 processor cores and 4 GB ram, it should be enough for start.

  • What is the query limit in Slamby?

    There is no query limit. Data is yours, server is yours.

  • Can Slamby assure my data security?

    Data privacy is very important to us and we do our best to protect your data and information. If you need the maximum data privacy, then install Slamby API inside on your machine(s) and do not let your data out of your company.

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